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SafeKey International, Inc. provides packaged solutions, custom services and free advice to ensure that you achieve the maximum potential from your software investment.

We're proud of our reputation for providing top-notched support and high quality products. Whether it's to solve a hardware conflict or just to provide peace of mind, our solutions have already helped thousands maintain production while protecting their investments. Our customers range from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations taking advantage of our rock-solid guarantee.

If you are using software that requires a hardware lock device to operate, you could be putting your bottom line at risk.

Hardware Locks?

Hardware lock devices or "dongles" are used by major producers of software to protect themselves from piracy. This anti-piracy technique works well in most cases. Unfortunately, the lock devices may become lost, stolen or they may outright fail. In some instances they may be incompatible with your existing print devices or other hardware. Any of these problems could result in lost production and down time, costing your organization valuable time, resources and money.

Our Solution

To ensure you achieve the maximum potential from your software investment, SafeKey International provides free tips and advice.

SafeKey International has also developed a number of software packages that can directly and positively benefit your bottom line. Our software products eliminate the need for hardware lock devices, and yet will allow your software to continue performing as it did with the lock installed.

We Guarantee It

SafeKey International, Inc. guarantees that our software will work. If for any reason our software doesn't work on your system, we'll make it work or we will promptly refund your money.

We also provide all our customers with a 30 day New Version Protection. If you receive a new version* of your protected software application within 30 days of purchasing our product and for any reason our product does not perform to your satisfaction, we will provide an update free of charge (shipping and handling charges extra).

*New version means software update or revision with same dongle and operating system.

You Must Be A Licensed User Of Your Software

Our products are sold for the purpose of protecting your investment against lost, stolen, defective or incompatible lock devices. These products are intended for licensed software users only and must not violate the terms and conditions of any license agreement. Under no circumstances should our products be used with any illegal copy of a licensed program.

For More Information

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