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Don't Wait For Your Lock to Fail

At SafeKey International, we hope you'll never have to deal with hardware lock problems. Unfortunately, problems with dongles and hardware lock devices are a reality for many software users. We've received many letters from small and large companies whose hardware locks have caused them problems -- problems that resulted in lost production and expensive down time.

In addition to free tips and advice, SafeKey International has developed a number of software packages to help companies avoid hardware lock problems altogether. Our software is designed to emulate your lock device exactly, enabling you to store the original hardware lock in a safe place and avoid such problems as theft and damage to the lock.

In order for our software to emulate your hardware lock, other software provided by SafeKey must first be used to read the contents of your lock device. Of course, this is not possible if your lock is damaged, lost or stolen before an image of the lock can be made.

Use Our Free Backup Software to Make an Image of Your Lock

To help you protect your software investment, SafeKey International has provided free software that you can use to read the contents of your lock, right now, before the lock is stolen or damaged.

Free software! How Does it Work?

It's simple! Just plug in your hardware lock and run the backup software in Windows 95/98, or Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The software will read the contents of your hardware lock and record the data in a special image file. This small file (typically under 1k) is easy to store in a safe place until the day you encounter a dongle emergency. Then, if ever your hardware lock fails, we can use the file to quickly get you up and running again.

How Do I Know Which Version to Use?

First, determine what kind of hardware lock device you have. Your hardware lock device should have a brand or model name either written or engraved on it. (If it doesn't, or if you're not sure which version of our backup software you need for your lock, feel free to contact us and we will try to help you identify your lock.)

Every company once in a while gets into the trouble when their dongle key is lost, damaged or stolen. In this state, companies make an expensive decision of replacing their existing dongle but this is not always an effective way to deal with the situation.

Dongle Clone is the way that can take you out of this problem without undergoing extreme costs. SafeKey International, Inc has taken a step ahead in this direction and presents Clone Dongle USB Key. This is basically a dongle replacement system that emulates your existing dongle.

A user will get a software Hasp Dongle Copy or Sentinel Dongle copy which will contain all existing memory of Parallel Port Dongle or USB Port Dongle data. Rainbow Technologies Sentinel is a common protection device that can have a significant role in expensive downtime. At SafeKey International, Inc, we have left no stone unturned to develop USB Dongle Emulator Software and Parallel Port Dongle Emulator software which can cater to all hardware lock issues in no time.

Once you've determined what hardware lock you have, simply download the corresponding version of our software from the following list.

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SafeNet Sentinel
29,043 bytes
5,073 bytes
Sentinel C
Sentinel Scribe
Sentinel Scout
Sentinel C PLUS (A or B)
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