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At SafeKey International, we take the problems that hardware lock devices can cause your organization seriously.

In today's competitive market even a few days of downtime can be devastating to your bottom line. You need a risk management strategy that won't be a burden to that bottom line either. Although our software packages are designed to eliminate hardware lock problems and provide the peace of mind of a backup solution, there is often an easier or more cost-effective solution for you to use.

Here are some common problems with hardware lock devices and the solutions we recommend:

PROBLEM: My lock device interferes with printing.
SOLUTION: The easiest way to reduce lock conflicts is to purchase a second printer port. Put the lock device on the second port and leave the printer on the first port. Typical cost is $10.00 to $30.00.
PROBLEM: My lock device has been stolen.
SOLUTION: Contact the software developer and request a new lock device. Most companies will make you pay for an entire program and lock, but a few companies have a reasonable policy for lock replacement.
HINT: To reduce theft of lock devices, secure the lock devices inside the computer case. Buy 1 or 2 short pieces of 25 pin ribbon cable, and run the cable from the printer port into the computer case through a back slot. Connect the lock device to the ribbon cable inside the computer case. If you require access to the port for a printer, attach a second ribbon cable and run it out through a back slot. Once you've verified that everything works properly, screw the cover of the computer case closed.
PROBLEM: My lock device does not work with my ZIP disk attached.
SOLUTION: Many pheriphal products that communicate through the printer port will affect lock devices. Some lock devices may become damaged when connected with some peripherals. The most cost effective solution is to purchase a second printer port.
PROBLEM: My lock device works on our slow computer but causes errors on our fast computers.

This is a typical problem with many lock devices. You should contact the software developers and inform them of the problem. In many cases they will have a software solution to offer.

You could also try our free "delay" utility that lets you add an adjustable delay to all input and output at a specific parallel port.

PROBLEM: Our company runs manufacturing equipment 24 hours a day and the software depends on the lock device to keep working.
SOLUTION: When a company must depend on a lock device to keep the company functioning, this is a serious risk management situation. You should first discuss the situation with the developers of the software that requires the lock. In most cases they can arrange to have a spare lock device available for emergencies from a sales representative in your area.
PROBLEM: The lock device we have has failed and the company that created the software has gone out of business.
SOLUTION: Contact SafeKey International for possible solutions.
PROBLEM: The lock device we have has failed and the software developer will not replace it.
SOLUTION: Contact SafeKey International for possible solutions.
HINT: In hopes of reducing these situations in the future, you should document your exact circumstances and fax the document to SafeKey at (204) 668-3566. We will publish your story on the internet with the other Lock Stories our customers have sent in.
PROBLEM: I use a laptop computer and travel a lot. I am scared my lock device will be broken off or fall off.
SOLUTION: Contact SafeKey International for possible solutions.
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