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We are often asked why we should be trusted to supply emulation software to people from all parts of the world.

We have been doing this for 20 years and have never kept a customer's money in which the software has not worked as good as the real lock device. We have sold to over 65 countries around the world. We would challenge anybody to find a negative comment in any publication or the internet.

Our guarantee is on our web page and has not changed in 20 years

Unlike most other companies that have come and gone, we make a solution that is a true emulation. This is different from most other companies that do this type of work. The products we make are lock and platform specific and not version specific, because we sell real lock emulation and not a 'crack' - the chances of our software working on future versions of the application are excellent.

We are fast at providing lock emulation, this is due to the fact we have made emulation software for most every popular lock device. We do not require a copy of your application here, you do not have to send your lock device to us. In most cases we can make lock emulation in 2 hours.

We offer credit card purchasing. This is significant because credit card companies do not allow 'fly by night' operators to have merchant services. If we were to cheat or even disappoint customers with our product, the Visa, Mastercard and American Express companies would remove our privileges quickly. Any investigation into our track record with credit card sales, customer sales and customer support would reveal a company that has worked extremely hard to keep all customers satisfied.

We do not perform services that would be considered illegal. This has allowed us to stay in business for the long run. We can make a duplicate of your lock device, but we do not alter license files or lock data that would bypass protection schemes. In most every jurisdiction it is legal to purchase a backup of your lock device, we sell only a true and correct duplicate of your lock device.

Why SafeKey?
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